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Balancing health with wealth with your business.

Body, (health) will promote Wealth

I just heard from my best friend in the whole world.  He had a heart attack late last week.  He is a wealthy attorney and a person I’ve always imagined, had the world by the tail.  His great health had allowed him to work countless hours and keep up with a massive schedule.  It will take […]

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Of money, body and balance, I believe Balance is the most complex!

I write most often about body, and a lot about money, which is close to my heart; today I’ll spend a few minutes in the balance area.  My concern is balancing my opinions with so much distraction in the news. With all the turmoil in Japan, after the earthquake and radiation threat, as well as […]

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Holidays Defense Note

I love it!  So many Christmas wishes and not enough time to answer all of you.  I’m so blessed and not really sure why, but I’ll keep the blessings.  I’m going to attempt to beat you to the punch for New Year’s.  I wish every one of my friends, customers, and students, the happiest New […]

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Internet Utopia – No Dissenting Views

Even when the Money and Body segments of Balance are where they should be, I still love to be the dissenting view for my Soul’s sake; I suppose balance demands that I receive a few of the same graciously.

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Balancing Your Desire for Wealth and Health is the Key:

We all want to be healthy enough to live an enjoyable and comfortable life of say, 100 years or more.  At the same time, there is the overwhelming desire to have all the money we may possibly need to maintain the previously mentioned joy and comfort.  Contrary to popular assertion, one does not detract from […]

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