Body, (health) will promote Wealth

I just heard from my best friend in the whole world.  He had a heart attack late last week.  He is a wealthy attorney and a person I’ve always imagined, had the world by the tail.  His great health had allowed him to work countless hours and keep up with a massive schedule.  It will take him off the path for a while, but he caught it in time to recover and move on toward his financial goals.  He is now a member of the ‘Luckiest people in the world’ club.  He has the option of correcting and re-establishing his life.  Too many are not this fortunate.

Take a very close look at your situation, being careful not to degrade your health in the name of increased wealth or power.  Regular medical checkups are great, but self analysis is the first line of defense.  Do a little research and be attentive to minor pains or changes in your daily life.  I periodically check at: for information to assist me in recognizing potential problem areas.  Be kind to yourself, and you’ll find that financial successes will be far more plentiful.

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    Nice topic – respect !

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